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Teen Room Decor Styles

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Teen room decorВ doesnt have to be doom and gloom. The teen years can be the most stressful as the transformation from child to adulthood is upon you. Your teen room design should include and involve your teen, after all this is one room in the house where they want to spend time in, as privacy is the most important issue over anything else.

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If at all possible allow as much of your teens individuality to shine through for teen room decor ideas, giving them a feeling of independence and input into their own space. If your wanting to be the cool parent, then embrace this experience together and allow your teen to blossom. Teens love colour and paint is the one thing that can give you the biggest bang for your buck. Allow them to express their personal creativity whenever possible. Not every wall has to have the same colour and possibly some paint finishes would be of interest to them. Teens can be pack rats too; they usually save absolutely everything and dont want to part with anything. Shelving will be a big asset in their room to allow them to display or store all these valuable treasures. Bins and Boxes are great because they can stack in an uniform formation and take up less space as well. There are several options for beds today as well. Bunks have been a staple over the years allowing more usable floor space to be available. Today there are new twists on the traditional bed with storage or homework desk areas designed to be under the top bunk. A new favourite is the daybed or futon because it lets the Teen feel like they have a living room situation going on in their bedroom. Seating is always a must and just as in your younger Childs room floor pillows or beanbag chairs are a great addition.

Teen room decor ideas

Posters has usually been a sore spot with parents but do your best to allow a few to remain in the space if it seems really important to your child. Be flexible where you can and hopefully your teen will keep in mind how hard your working to create a space that they will be happy with. Most teens enjoy having television, stereos, and sometimes computers at a work desk as part of their room. Be sure to incorporate these things in the areas where you feel they work best. Having a laundry hamper and a wastebasket to help your child keep his/her room picked up is a must! We all know as parents of young teens, other than hollering, is your homework done? were saying, Clean Your Room! Organization is key for helping your teen function not only at home but at school as well. No one ever does his or her best work in chaos. Follow a few of these suggestions about teen room decorating ideasВ and you will become a COOL PARENT! More picture about teen room d?cor

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