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Set Your Child Bedroom With Design Tinkerbelle Bedroom Decor

creative tinkerbell bedroom design
Tinkerbelle bedroom decor must be the most favorite for a little girl. The beautiful fairy with her amazing adventures always makes little girls in all over the world love this character. Little girls will love all things about Tinkerbelle including bedroom decor. She must be very excited finding her new bedroom design in all about Tink. If you are in searching of Tinkerbelle themes, some ideas below may help.

Prepare the Bed First

When you design a bedroom in a certain theme, bed and the bedding always come first to prepare. Then you can complete all other things including the wall color more easily. You shouldnt change the bed frame to be the Tinkerbelle themed one. Many bedding sets have been designed in Tinkerbelle themes and they are all beautiful for your little girls room. Choose the best size for her bed and dont forget to complete the comforters. If the color of the bed frame doesnt support the theme, you can paint it in match colors such as white, light beige, light pink, light purple, or other colors related to Tinkerbelle.

Creative Design for the Room

Create a perfect Tinkerbell decorations for bedroom by designing all things that could make the bedroom looks like a home of Tinkerbelle. You can start from coloring the walls; light colors of blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow are perfect for this theme. Then you can add some wall decors that are very suitable with the theme. Apply some Tinkerbelle wall stickers and all things related to the cartoon characters such as fairies, butterflies, the world of fairy, leaves, flowers, sky and the clouds, and so on. Wallpaper or wall decors in Tinkerbelle themes are also available in many options in the market. Design the walls as beautiful as possible but dont put too many wall decors to prevent crowded look.

Add Some Furnishings

Furniture in Tinkerbelle theme is also something that is very easy to get. Bedroom bench, desks, storage boxes, etc. in Tinkerbelle themes are perfect to complete the bedroom. If you dont want to buy new furniture, just change the colors of the furniture into very Tinkerbelle look. Some classic furniture in white colors is also suitable for this theme. Add more emphasizes to the bedding to get Tinkerbelle look perfectly and then you can design other parts more simply. Therefore, it is not difficult to create a little girl bedroom in Tinkerbelle theme since you can explore your creative mind. Find some more ideas from pictures on the internet and then you can apply the most suitable things about Tinkerbell bedroom decorations for your little girl.

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