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Picking the Right Wall Colors Is Not as Simple as It Sounds

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After weeks or even months of waiting, the time to finally paint the interior wall colors of your new home has arrived. Whether you acquired your residence brand-new or bought from a previous homeowner, you would most likely want to customise it according to how you envision your dream home to be. Obviously, it involves determining the colors of your new homes interior walls. But before you go grab that brush and can of paint, you need to know how to choose the right shade for your wall. Indeed, its more than just having a vision or inspiration from some home improvement website or magazine. Believe it or not, many people get really disappointed after seeing the results. Since painting wall decorating ideas is both a massive undertaking and a substantial investment, you need to do it right the first time. Read on to find a few useful tips on painting your wall.
  1. Most people make the mistake of choosing the color first. They forget that there are many other elements to consider such as the curtains that theyre going to hang on their windows, the lights that will illuminate the room, or the furniture to be used. By choosing the color first, their choice of the right elements (e.g. furniture, appliances, decors, lighting fixtures, etc.) to match the room becomes severely limited.
Its better to plan your room first before choosing your wall colors. Think of it this way: your wall color should support all the other major elements in the room.
  1. Be wary of very bright or saturated colors, which is the trend now. A bright blue ceramic lamp or a dark red silk pillow might look excellent, but when you apply that bright color on the wall, the effect may overwhelm the eyes. Thats because the wall occupies a lot of space, amplifying the colors.
A better idea is to neutral tones, pastel shades, powder colors, or white. If you really want an overly bright or saturated color, contrast the wall by choosing furniture and fixtures that are neutral in color.
  1. When choosing wall colors, consider the entire house in its entirely. It doesnt flow well if, for instance, you use light blue on your living room and dark red on your dining room which is directly adjacent to your living area.
You can solve this problem by using one color throughout the house. If you want multiple colors, make sure they blend well with each other or they have a smooth transition. Going back to our earlier example, if youre using light blue on your living room, use light green on your dining area.
  1. Dont forget that colors affect moods. You should consider this factor when choosing colors. For instance, if you want your bedroom to have a romantic feel, then paint the wall with a soft shade of red. Thats because red heightens feelings of love and passion. If you want your den to exude a feeling of excitement and fun, then choose warm paint colors for walls such as orange and yellow.
Happy painting!

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