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How to Design Paris Decor for Girls Bedroom, Check This!

creative Paris decor for girls bedroom
Paris decor for girls bedroom can become the right theme to have if you are a girl who loves fashion and all about girly things. We all know that Paris is the city of romance, fashion trendsetter and flamboyant furnishings with wavy and rolling lines. Those are perfect characteristics to decorate a bedroom with feminine atmosphere, chic and eternally in mode.

Imagine the Important Points

A bed is the important point in a bedroom; it influences the model and color idea of the room. If the bed belongs to the things to remodel into Paris theme; black or white frame and fabric tufted headboards are the best options. Instead, you can also have black or white colors on the bed frame. Choosing the bedding also should be done firstly before walls painting. It will ease you to choose the wall colors. In the other hand, it will be quite complicated to find bedding in match colors if you have painted the wall. For the pillows or quilts, you can choose Paris themed patterns such as Eiffel tower, polka dots, stripes, and damask in black and white colors. Add more touch of Paris decor bedroom with white or pink frilly rumpled bedspreads that are accented by French lettering, fleur de lis or French poodles design on pillows.

The Wall Colors

If you love purple color, lavender soft shades will be perfect to bring the sense of French lavender fields on the walls. Give more colorful touch with gray and pink stripes or white and pink stripes. If you have had black and white bedding, apply a backdrop with soft pink or white shade to improve the elegant look in the Paris decor for girls bedroom. For those who love bold color palettes on the walls, turquoise or hot pink is perfect to apply. Add some black furniture and sheer curtains to match it perfectly. Besides, a bedroom bench, an area rug, or upholstered chair in zebra print pattern is also perfect to bring exotic look with the bold wall colors. Add more black colors in some bedroom details such as on the artworks frames or black ribbon tied around the lampshades.

Fashionable Accessories and Accents

To bring Paris fashion nuance, giving some accents like wire dress form where you can put your favorite fashionable accessories including scarves, pearl strings, boas, hats, belts, bags, etc. Add a chandelier to get Parisian ambient lighting look bedside lamps in cabaret style. Imagine more things and colors that will bring Paris look into your girly bedroom. Apply them in the match colors and dont be too much to make balanced design in the Paris themed girl bedroom.

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