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Flooring for Interior Design and Home Decorating

Flooring for Interior Design and Home Decorating

Flooring for Interior Design and home decorating has more options today than it ever has had. Considering that flooring is in every room of your home, this is one area where you have to do your homework, keeping in mind your budget and specific wants and needs.

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There are a few categories such as carpeting, hard surfaces like hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, reclaimed or recycled flooring, Eco-friendly flooring, area rugs and tile flooring. As with the rest of our busy lives, technology has entered the flooring world as well and its amazing what features and qualities you will find for you to consider. Dont let the choices overwhelm you, do your due diligence and investigate what really works for you interior design and lifestyle, but most of all just have FUN!

When looking at flooring its easiest to start with the footprint of your home. Walk through your home, taking notes as to the size of the areas, the kind of use that particular room or space will have, and keeping in mind your lifestyle. Not all of us are neat and tidy and love doing housework on a regular basis, so probably easy maintenance flooring would be best. If your lifestyle is more formal and doesnt receive as much traffic then upgrading the material choices in those areas can be considered.

The main categories for flooring choices are: Carpeting, Vinyl, Ceramic Tile, Natural Stone, Hardwood, Laminates, and Concrete. There are numerous colour choices and there will be something for everyone no matter what colour scheme you may have. My sister always responded when I asked what colour carpeting she was selecting by saying she wanted something that matched with dirt, considering she had children at home she was for the most part pretty successful in doing that. But who knew dirt came in so many shades, that is the marvellous thing about flooring materials today, you will find your perfect match.

Ill give a brief overview of the main flooring products on the market today. Starting with Carpeting: Its been a staple for many decades and improvements are always being made. Carpeting always has made a room feel cozy and warm, especially underfoot and complemented any decor. The texture of carpeting is important to consider because the style in which the fibres have been woven will either work well for you or not. For example a shorter pile or loop is best if you have pets or a high traffic area. A denser pile cut, which is called Saxony, is better in a more plush or formal setting.

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