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Cabinetry in Interior Design and Remodeling

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CabinetsВ and orВ CabinetryВ are key components in kitchen and bathroom design. A large portion of your budget goes into this area so careful consideration is necessary to ensure a beautiful and functional design outcome. Your cabinetry is something that should last for many years as its expensive to replace and, its a big undertaking to tear apart a room to replace. Be sure to select a timeless color or design style, so that if you choose to change the room color or decor style, that your cabinets can mix and match to most anything. So before investing money, be sure to invest into your cabinetry homework.

Kitchen Cabinet

Before starting your kitchen cabinet design project I suggest you look at the overall space that you have to work within. Does it have adequate counter workspace? Will entertaining from your kitchen be done on a regular basis? Do you wish to incorporate an eating area within this space? Ask yourself how you feel you want your kitchen to function for you and make a list accordingly. Next on the list should be your budget. This is where the whole design plan can come to a crashing halt or fall off the tracks, you dont want any unexpected surprises so set yourself a budget and limit and work within those means. The third focus should be on whether your budget can accommodate a custom built kitchen cabinet or possibly looking at pre-fabricated cabinets to work in your kitchen. Getting quotes should not cost anything and if the contractor or home improvement store is wanting to charge a fee for this service then move onto the next. Discuss both custom and pre-fabricated cabinets and weigh your pros and cons. Sometimes a compromise here can mean you can have the other items on your wish list as well.

Woden Cabinet Material

Whether your lifestyle and tastes are casual and rustic or formal and sophisticated there will be a cabinet choice that will work perfect for you. Most cabinet materials are made with plywoods or particleboard, and the cabinet facade and doors are made of solid wood. The most common wood selected for cabinets today are Maple and Cherry. Oak is still a popular but traditional choice because of its visible grain running through it. Other choices might be Pine, Hickory or Ash. Selecting your specific door panel style can be a bit overwhelming, and here are a few choices for your consideration. A Traditional styled cabinet door is generally a raised panel and usually made from oak. Country is similar to Traditional but looks even more casual, it is simplistic in design and the hardware reflects that as well. The Shaker style seems to be very popular today and usually has a recessed panel and the edges being mitred at the corners with the hardware although being simple are of a higher quality. Contemporary usually has a flat smooth door panel, sometimes finished with a glossy laminate. These doors are sometimes frameless which gives a beautiful seamless look to your cabinetry and adds to the sleekness that we are accustomed to when we think of Contemporary. If your steering towards pre-fabricated stock cabinetry you can always jazz it up by adding decorative hardware, add a glass door to a corner cabinet or the best feature of all is adding crown moulding to the top of your cabinets that will say luxury for sure.

Bathroom cabinetry

Bathroom cabinetry will offer the same choices as the kitchen, but in addition many people today are deciding to put in ornate and unique freestanding or custom cabinetry to add that extra special touch of class, especially to the Master Bedroom En-suite. Bathroom cabinetry today is looking more like an actual piece of exquisitely designed furniture and then add to that beautifully designed taps and faucets, a bathroom has become another room to showcase great taste. Bathroom cabinet design can give you the opportunity to incorporate extras that you maybe thought werent possible to have. A built-in vanity area for makeup preparation, or a built-in laundry chute, a built-in for your dryer and curling iron accessories, the list can be endless so be sure to explore what extras might be available to you. Your cabinet choices will be with you for a very long time so be sure to invest careful thought and design to ensure you enjoy your space for many years to come.

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